Is my level of English good enough for the IELTS?

A number of students have recently enquired about whether or not they can do the IELTS test with the level of English that they have. This idea of whether or not they qualify to do the test does not really make a difference. Anyone can do the IELTS because it is not a pass or fail type of test. The band score that you receive determines whether or not you meet the standard for whatever it is you have applied for: university admission, immigration requirement, or even both. It is a little like a placement test of your English level, if you like. So, even if you are a beginner English learner, you can still sit for the IELTS test. However, your result would place you at a lower level, most probably Band 1.0 to Band 4.5.

Here is a chart to show candidates what band score they are likely to receive at the CEF (Common European Framework) level of English they have.

If you are not sure what your CEF level is, try out this General English online placement test on the Cambridge English website and find out where you are. I have tried this test myself and received full marks and was recommended the CPE (Cambridge English Proficiency Exam), which is the highest level qualification at C2 Level. Go on, give it a try and click on the link below to do the placement test.

Cambridge English: Test your English – General English

So, how did you do? Share your results in the Comments box below. Do you think you are ready to do the IELTS test?

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