5 steps to improve your IELTS Listening

This afternoon, a student asked me what he could do to help himself understand what people are talking about in recorded texts. He was particularly weak in this area and had obtained a very low score in the IELTS.

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If you are also facing similar problems, you could do something about this. Here are a few steps you could take:

Step 1:
Identify your area of interest. For example, what do you like listening to? Sports? News? Stories?

Step 2:
Find an audiobook or mp3 recording with text. They should be about a subject that you want to listen to. Don’t force yourself to listen to something you don’t enjoy.

Step 3:
Listen to the recording while you are driving, doing the dishes, vacuuming, etc. Try to understand the topic in general, don’t worry about trying to understand every word.

Step 4:
When you get home or finish your chores 🙂 , refer to the printed book or script and identify the words/expressions that you couldn’t understand before.

Step 5:
Do this all over again with a different topic. And keep going at it every single day. You will see how much you’ll improve if you work hard at it.

Until next time!

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