What if I don’t understand a word in the question in the IELTS?

IELTS tests are designed so that candidates will be assessed fairly and this means that everyone is given a fair chance at demonstrating or “showing off” what they know about the language. Try your best to guess the meaning of the word in context and develop your answer from that understanding. Your examiner wants to see […]

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How do IELTS examiners mark candidates?

This question was asked by one of my students the other day and I have to admit, it somehow caught me by surprise! The common misconception is that examiners assess IELTS writing and speaking by comparing performances of various candidates. This is not true! IELTS examiners grade your writing and speaking performance against a set […]

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Pronouncing consonant clusters in IELTS Speaking

Although many IELTS candidates are good speakers, some may have problems pronouncing sounds to make themselves understood. Of course, examiners do not expect candidates to speak like the Queen (whose 89th birthday is today, by the way) or talk like James Bond! What you should aim for is to speak clearly so that a shop […]

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Discussing money in IELTS Writing and Speaking

I had an interesting discussion with a student yesterday about money. After learning some idioms related to the topic, she was able to use the expressions below to talk about herself. I think that designer goods are a complete rip-off! When my son goes to university, I’ll probably have to foot the bill. These are […]

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