Can you talk like this in IELTS Speaking Part 3?

A possible topic in the IELTS Speaking Part 3 may involve diet or health. The language in this video can be used to discuss addiction, the banning of substances, or even government control. The issue here is: Should tobacco be banned? If you know of countries (including yours) which have banned smoking in public places, […]

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IELTS Writing Task 1 – Fluctuant or Fluctuating?

Until recently, I’d never heard of the word fluctuant. I have seen it twice so far when marking my students’ IELTS Writing Task 1 papers. At first glance, this word appeared quite strange to me. I wasn’t aware that it existed, and so when I see unusual constructions like The figure … was fluctuant. I […]

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Pronouncing /b/, /v/, and /p/ correctly in IELTS Speaking

One of the main difficulties my current students face is pronouncing /v/ correctly. For instance, instead of event, I would hear ebent in a sentence like I went to this event two weeks ago. or bery instead of very, as in I was very interested in dancing at that time. Sometimes, there is the occasional […]

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