Selecting information in IELTS Writing Task 1

When candidates are given data to describe in IELTS Academic Writing Task 1, sometimes it is impossible to include every single detail when there is a lot of information in the graph or table. This is when you would have to decide which information deserves a mention and which to group together collectively. In situations […]

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Referencing in IELTS Writing and Speaking

I have noticed that many candidates are not aware of the importance of using references in the IELTS interview. Perhaps this has been overlooked in favour of getting their grammar and vocabulary right when speaking. Although, grammar and vocabulary do play important roles, IELTS candidates as well as IELTS teachers must remember that there are […]

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Using abstract and concrete ideas in IELTS Speaking

A common confusion that arises among many IELTS candidates when they answer questions or talk about a topic is using the definite article the in sentences. In examples of generalisations, the weaker answers tend to leave out the article or use the singular form as in this typical example: I think government can do a […]

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