Gimme the Chilli!

There’s something I must confess: I’m a 1) junkie. To be precise, a chilli addict. Been hooked since I was a child. You know how it is. I’ve 2) witnessed chocoholic 3) tendencies among friends and ketchup addicts 4) coming out of the closet. But this is something else. I have had to order kilos of dried chilli to satisfy my 5) cravings (see exhibit A below) much to the discomfort of my children and in-laws who 6) cringe and cough at the smell of my chilli 7) concoctions in the kitchen. But when I’ve had my chilli 8) fix, I’m as happy as a 9) lark!

Exhibit A



  1. someone who wants to have or do something all the time
  2. seen
  3. characteristic behaviour
  4. tell your family, friends, or the public something about yourself after previously keeping this secret
  5. strong feelings of wanting something
  6. suddenly move away from someone/something because you are frightened
  7. the results of my cooking
  8. a measured amount of something such as medicine
  9. a small, brown bird that is known for its beautiful singing

Here are some activities to help you with understanding the topic of addiction:

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