Using questions in the IELTS

This morning, a couple of teachers and I discussed types of questions: differences between interrogative clauses, wh-questions, alternative questions, yes/no-type question and tags. I’ve taught grammar for nearly half my life (tells you how terribly old I am! ;)) and am still not completely familiar with their terms, eg. subjunctive, non-finite verbs, etc. I only […]

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Can you use intensifiers accurately in the IELTS?

Today’s lesson involved discussing adverbs of degree, in particular, the differences between quite, very/really, extremely. These words are also known as ‘intensifiers’ in English grammar as they ‘intensify’ adjectives to make them stronger. Here are some activities for you to try out: Adverbs of degree English Grammar | LearnEnglish | British Council | Intensifiers Quite […]

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Discussing earth and the environment in the IELTS

Today is World Earth Day and here are some lessons about this: ESL Holiday Earth Day Earth Day Worksheets (downloadable) Podcast: Earth Day | ESL Library Blog (Unfortunately the lesson is not free, you have to buy a subscription. You can still listen to the text, though!) Earth Day Esl Vocabulary – Earth Day […]

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