Why the “copy and paste” method won’t work in the IELTS test

If you are familiar with the IELTS, you will understand that the test is quite topic-based. If you are currently my student, you will understand by now, how to go about preparing for this test effectively and how not to. One no-no is blindly memorising words and phrases and using them in your own essay. The “copy and […]

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An Important Tip for IELTS Listening

Recently, I have been asked whether synonyms are allowed when answering questions in the IELTS Listening test. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this. If you have been doing lots of practice using past IELTS test papers and going through the answers at the end, you may find that there are strict instructions where you […]

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How to create ideas for the IELTS Test

“I have no idea of what to write about or what to say on certain topics.” This is something I occasionally hear from students who experience a “mental block” when it comes to writing an answer to an IELTS essay topic or respond to an IELTS interview. One mistake students quite often make is relying on the teacher to […]

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Why IELTS students should avoid electronic dictionaries or translators

While training one of my students to use complex vocabulary in IELTS Speaking, I have noticed that she was relying quite heavily on using an electronic dictionary/translator to come up with various sentences. Unfortunately, much of what she was saying was rather confusing, as she had translated without considering whether or not the expressions used were appropriate to the […]

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How to Train Yourself to Speak in the IELTS interview

Recently, one of my IELTS students asked if it is a good idea to engage himself in a speaking marathon. This is how it works: Talk about a topic for 5 minutes Speak again about the same topic for 4 minutes Repeat the talk for 3 minutes And then try again for two. For candidates looking to improve […]

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How to guess meaning in IELTS Reading

IELTS Reading can be difficult for candidates who are struggling with unfamiliar vocabulary in the text. There are several techniques to overcome this problem. Try out the tasks below and see how you do. via Compfight I do not take credit for the following exercise. This is from: Kenji Kitao. 1994. Developing Reading Strategies. Eichosha. […]

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