4 Types of Sentences in IELTS Writing and Speaking

Grammatical Range and Accuracy accounts for 25% of your total writing and speaking scores, and because of this, IELTS candidates need to be familiar with the types of sentences assessors are looking for when marking exam scripts or interviewing test takers. Basically, there are 4 types of English sentences: 1) Simple A simple sentence contains only […]

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Can I use formulaic expressions in IELTS Writing and Speaking?

When marking IELTS papers, I have often come across certain expressions that you can commonly find in model answers. For example, introductions that typically begin like these ones here: People have always argued on whether …. (Really? Who are these people?) Although there are some advantages to this, I believe that the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages. […]

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Discussing ‘nature’ vs ‘nurture’ in IELTS Writing and Speaking

If you are very familiar with the IELTS test, you will probably already know that it is more or less theme-based. You would do well to gather enough information to not only be more acquainted with the vocabulary or have adequate background knowledge when following the information given in IELTS Listening or Reading texts, but also argue your […]

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Using linkers appropriately in IELTS Writing

Under test pressure, some IELTS candidates tend to feel compelled to use certain words and expressions for the sake of passing a test. Unfortunately, this may be harmful than good, as doing something for the sake of having to do it without giving it much thought may lead to errors that can cost the test taker the precious […]

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Discussing compassion in IELTS Writing and Speaking

Sunday Morning Live is a TV programme that discusses a lot of interesting issues of the week. If you’re in the UK, you can watch it every Sunday at 10am on BBC One. IELTS candidates would benefit a lot from the ideas and language thrown out during discussions. The video below is an example. The topic is based […]

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Understanding and discussing medical advancements in the IELTS

Here’s another quick one about recent developments in the world of medical technology. Scientists have now found a way to help detect signs of dementia through an app called Sea Hero Quest. Before you download it to find out what it’s all about and how to play this game, let’s do a quick IELTS exercise […]

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Common IELTS Topic: GM Food Production

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, particularly up-to-date developments in the area of science, you will have heard about the recent breakthrough in GM Food. Have a look at the video from the link below and choose the correct letter that best describes the topic. Scientists have made changes to the way plants use photosynthesis […]

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Are you taking “smart” pills for the IELTS?

Many candidates probably wish that there is a ‘magic’ pill somewhere that would enable them to solve all their exam problems. Apparently, here is one such pill. Easily obtainable online. Anything is possible on the internet these days. Try the activity below to check your understanding of the discussion: How many students were asked about […]

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Using ‘it’ clauses in IELTS Writing Task 2

In IELTS essays, candidates may feel under pressure to use complex structures in a bid to attain a high band score or make a positive difference in their writing. However, accuracy is absolutely essential for this to happen and unfortunately, many IELTS students believe in the idea that the longer your sentence is, the higher your chances […]

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