Why IELTS students should avoid electronic dictionaries or translators

While training one of my students to use complex vocabulary in IELTS Speaking, I have noticed that she was relying quite heavily on using an electronic dictionary/translator to come up with various sentences. Unfortunately, much of what she was saying was rather confusing, as she had translated without considering whether or not the expressions used were appropriate to the […]

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How is my IELTS Writing assessed?

Quite often, when IELTS candidates do some self-studying, their main source of knowledge and reference is usually the internet, mainly Professor Google. This shows a sense of resourcefulness on the student’s part when it comes to gathering study material for their IELTS preparations. Unfortunately, some of the information that is floating on the internet is […]

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Formal letters in IELTS Writing Task 1

In IELTS General Writing Task 1, candidates are required to compose a letter, either formal or informal and it is important that they know how to do this properly. KayVee.INC via Compfight If you are attempting the IELTS General module, you may benefit from the website links below for advice, examples and exercises on writing […]

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IELTS Writing Task 1: Important Things to Consider

There are several things candidates need to think about before answering IELTS Writing Task 1 questions. The following points outline some important approaches: Academic Task 1 Decide how many paragraphs you need. When you write an introduction, it must not repeat what is written in the task instructions.  If it does, the examiner will ignore […]

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Informal expressions in IELTS Writing Task 1

In letter writing, it is important for IELTS candidates to be able to distinguish between expressions that are appropriate for formal correspondence and those that are more suitable for social messages. Unsurprisingly, students seem to think that as long as their grammar is right, then their writing would be OK. This is, unfortunately, a myth! […]

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10 Simple Rules for IELTS Writing Task 1

Well, your pencils are sharpened and you are now ready to start the Writing section of the IELTS. You have understood the important strategies and techniques that you need to use when you practised by yourself and with your tutor. Photo Credit: nathan17 via Compfight Before you receive your first question paper, you run through […]

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