Is grammar important in IELTS Listening and Reading?

The answer is, it depends. IELTS candidates will have to look at the type of task that they have to do. For example, in Section 1 where you are often required to complete notes, then accurate grammar is not important. Sometimes, you can find this in other sections of the test. Section 1 (Task type: complete notes) overlooking ……………….. […]

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IELTS Listening – Complete a table

See if you can do this IELTS exercise. Listen to the recording. Complete the table below. Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer. Reason for decrease in water supply Result of decrease in water supply Solution Agriculture for food production for growing cities and industries. Ground water being 1 ……………….. Eat more healthily. The average […]

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4 Important Questions for IELTS Listening

Apart from predicting the type of information required to answer questions in IELTS Listening, candidates will have to make sure that they look through the questions carefully to mentally prepare themselves for what they are going to hear in the recording. There are four essential questions to ask yourselves: What type of question is this? […]

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