6 Common Topics in IELTS Speaking Part 2

Before you start recording your voice for IELTS Speaking practice, it would be a good idea to gather some interesting and useful expressions to talk about various topics. A good way to do this is to divide the pages in your note books into themes. Here are some themes or topics that you may want to consider practising for:

  1. Describe an object (a gift, something you use etc.)
  2. Describe a person (someone you admire, a family member etc.)
  3. Describe an event (a festival, celebration etc.)
  4. Describe an activity (e.g. a hobby)
  5. Describe a place (somewhere you visited, a holiday etc.)
  6. Describe your favourite book/film/advertisement/website.

For example, for topic 5, when you need to describe a place, you can do some research on words or phrases and come up with examples such as bustling, cosmopolitan, touristy, on the outskirts, upmarket shops, etc. Some of these expressions can be recycled and used with other parts of the test, in IELTS Speaking Part 1 or Part 3, for example.

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If you are thinking of doing the IELTS, now is a good time to start preparing and practising diligently.

Until next time!

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