IELTS Reading Strategies

How much do you know about the IELTS Reading test?

Look at these strategies for approaching the reading paper. Are these True (T) or False (F)? If you have given a False answer, can you explain why?

1) Do not read the text from beginning to end before you begin answering the questions. T/F
2) Look quickly at the text and get an overview of the format (headings, sub-headings, special sections, captions, diagrams and illustrations).
3) Read through the text quickly and get a general understanding first.
4) In general, spend about 1 minute on each question.
5) Read each question or group of questions carefully and scan the text to find the answers.
6) Underline and mark the text.
7) Make sure you follow the instructions given.
8) If you are having difficulty with a question, go on to the next question.
9) If you are not sure of an answer, write it down and mark it so that you can check it later.
10) If you think that a particular word is important, try and guess its meaning from the context.
11) If you are not sure which answer (A, B, C or D) is correct, it is better to guess than to write more than one answer.
12) It is better to skip a few difficult questions than to carefully answer two and a half sections and not have time to attempt the remaining half section.

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