Signposting language in IELTS Listening

In IELTS Listening, one of the things candidates will have to look out for is signposting, in order to follow how ideas are presented. This is particularly important for Section 4 where you will have to listen to a talk or a lecture of an academic nature.

You need to learn how to direct your listening to warn you that more information is coming and what kind of information you can expect to hear. So, if you are able to recognise and follow signpost language, you will be able to make sense of what you hear and thus, answer your questions accurately.

You may find these expressions quite useful in helping you follow the stages of a talk.

Opening – purpose of the talk Describing the structure of the talk Signposting Sequencing and listing
Good morning everyone … So, I’ll start by describing … Let’s go back to … First of all ….
I’m here today to talk about … Then, I’ll go on to highlight … So what is the significance of that? Moving on to …
The subject of my lecture today is …. Then I’ll give some of the reasons for … Let me give you some examples of  …. The second point I’d like to make is ….
I’ll be describing my research … I’ll finish off by … All in all … Last of all …
I’ve been investigating … There’ll be time for questions at the end. On balance … Lastly ….

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