How to Train Yourself to Speak in the IELTS interview

Recently, one of my IELTS students asked if it is a good idea to engage himself in a speaking marathon. This is how it works:

  • Talk about a topic for 5 minutes
  • Speak again about the same topic for 4 minutes
  • Repeat the talk for 3 minutes
  • And then try again for two.

For candidates looking to improve their fluency, this would be good practice to see if you can beat the clock and squeeze all that information on time. If you can, bravo! However, the danger is that you may end up speaking too quickly and sound incoherent. The key is to maintain a steady and comfortable pace, not too slow or too fast. The speaking marathon will help you in two areas:

  1. If you pause too often, it will help you cut down on hesitation time.
  2. If you use too many hesitation noises (ie. uh, um, etc) then recording your voice will be helpful for you to analyse how often you do this. Try and try again and check if you do this less and less.

So yes, it does help you to some extent. At the same time, remember that there are also other factors to consider in doing well with your IELTS Speaking test. But I hope the tip here will be a good start for you.

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