The importance of intonation in IELTS Speaking

In IELTS Speaking, it is important for candidates to know that how you deliver your answers is just as essential as the other criteria in the IELTS Speaking assessment. Examiners will not only look for range and accuracy in your grammar and vocabulary, they will also be observing how well you convey your ideas, opinions, or stories. It […]

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4 Important Questions for IELTS Listening

Apart from predicting the type of information required to answer questions in IELTS Listening, candidates will have to make sure that they look through the questions carefully to mentally prepare themselves for what they are going to hear in the recording. There are four essential questions to ask yourselves: What type of question is this? […]

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3 Things to Avoid in IELTS essays

When marking IELTS Writing Task 2, I have often come across some errors which I need to point out to candidates who are about to do their IELTS tests. There are THREE very important things that writers need to consider when they put thought to paper: development, repetition, and use of linkers. While some may seem to understand […]

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