Talk about your feelings in IELTS Speaking Part 2

In IELTS Speaking, particularly in Part 2, candidates will be assessed on how well they are able to describe various topics. This is a chance for test takers to ‘show off’ familiar expressions that are not just related to topic vocabulary, but also words that would describe feelings as well.

46/365 - [ughh..overload!]
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For students who are currently having one-to-one lessons with me, you may appreciate using this list of expressions in your story-telling techniques:

anger heart-broken relaxed
worn stressed afraid
in-control optimistic weary
apathetic pathetic useless
big-headed refreshed sympathetic
‘over the moon’ loved in love
ecstatic terrified pessimistic
triumphant good frustrated
annoyed enlightened misunderstood
well determined relieved

Which ones would you use for a task like this?

Describe a meeting you remember going to at work, college, or school.

You should say:

  • when and where the meeting was held
  • who was at the meeting
  • what the people at the meeting talked about

and explain why you remember going to this meeting.

Feel free to share and compare your answers in the Reply box below with other IELTS students.

Until next time!

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