Sentence completion in IELTS Reading

An important IELTS Reading task that candidates should not ignore is the sentence-completion task. Quite often, this is overlooked in favour of the more popular Yes/No/Not Given or Paragraph/Header Matching type of questions. Candidates are tested in their ability to:

  • skim for general information
  • read more closely for details
  • understand paraphrases in the questions

Jupiter animation - 11/19/12
Fred Locklear via Compfight

See if you can get all the answers correct in under 10 minutes.

Is there life on Jupiter’s ice moon?

Complete each sentence with the correct ending, A-G, below:

  1. Recent images of Jupiter’s support
  2. Scientists predict the existence of life through
  3. More research needs to be done from
  4. Advocates for space exploration believe in
A a need to prove that tidal waves create an internal heat on Europa.
B the promise of success compared to the failure of politics.
C the possible existence of water beneath its surface.
D a regular occurrence of water sprouting from a geyser.
E the collection of data through photographs and analytical instruments.
F the sporadic eruptions of water from geysers on the moon.
G their claims of inaccurate data from the Europa clipper.

Source: New Statesman

How did you arrive at your answers?
Don’t forget to share and compare your answers with other IELTS students in the Reply box below.

Good luck!

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