Linkers for IELTS Speaking

In one my my earlier posts, I wrote about the importance of using appropriate discourse markers / linkers / fillers when doing your IELTS Speaking test. This is especially true for Part 1.

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Here is a list of linkers for speaking that you could use to help you sound more natural and improve your fluency. Can you match them to the appropriate function below?

  1. On the other hand
  2. But
  3. However
  4. Because
  5. When
  6. As soon as
  7. After that
  8. And
  9. Although
  10. As a result
  11. So
  12. Erm
  13. In my opinion
  14. Anyway
  15. Also
  16. I think
  17. As far as I remember
  18. In fact
  19. Though
To contrast To add something To give a reason
To give a time reference To talk about a result To give yourself thinking time!

Until next time!

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