Avoid this in IELTS Writing and Speaking!

One of the dangers in the IELTS is using translation when writing or speaking. I find that candidates tend to do this more often in IELTS interviews than in their writing tasks. Some translation is good when studying English, but this does not always work. Why? Because the words that you choose in English need […]

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Discussing censorship in IELTS Writing and Speaking

If you have been keeping up with the news, you would know that a film has been at the heart of a controversy recently. There had been questions about whether or not to release the film called ‘The Interview’ and today, Sony has decided to stream it on the internet as well as release it […]

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Discussing CCTV and Street Lighting in IELTS Writing and Speaking

A few weeks ago, I posted an article on discussing internet safety with the question: Some people believe that technological tools such as body scanners and CCTV have significantly enhanced our safety and security, while others feel that they have resulted in a loss of privacy. Do the benefits of these items outweigh their disadvantages? […]

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Common IELTS Topic – Space Technology

In a recent IELTS Listening lesson, my students and I discussed what they knew about the ISS (International Space Station). The subject was on space technology and candidates were using their background understanding of this to help direct their listening and predict the kind of words that may appear in the recording. Photo Credit: mocr […]

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