IELTS Topic – Junk food and Advertising

The obesity problem and advertising are two areas that quite regularly come up in the IELTS. You could possibly listen to a lecture on it in the IELTS Listening, read a scientific article about it in IELTS Reading, discuss it in IELTS Writing Task 2 or perhaps talk about this in IELTS Speaking Part 3. To help familiarise you with the issues, here is a short video about the subject. See if you can identify the words that are being used in the extract.

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These are the kind of ads that Australia’s leading health experts want to see 1) __________ from children’s viewing time.

“These companies are big companies who’re spending hundreds of millions of dollars targeting children with very very engaging promotions across a range of 2) __________. They wouldn’t do it if it doesn’t work.”

A 3) __________ of Australia’s leading health bodies has released a blueprint to regulate junk food advertising. Unhealthy food ads will be banned in the 4) __________ times the children watch TV: in the morning from 6 to 9 am and in the afternoon and evening until 9 pm.

“The evidence does show its very 5)  __________ that this kind of marketing affects what kids eat, what they want to eat, and what they pester their parents for.”

And it’s not just TV advertising in their sights. Advocates want to restrict unhealthy food marketing, directed at children in school fundraising, 6)  __________, and the internet.

“It’s in the sponsorship, it’s in the media, it’s in the internet and games and so on. So it’s just highly 7) __________ and highly pernicious.”

Health experts say 8) __________ exposure to unhealthy food choices means less pester power but the Australian Food and Grocery Council says there’s little evidence that banning junk food ads will reduce childhood obesity.

“Right around the world, there’s been pressure on banning advertising and a few countries have actually done it: 9) __________ and Quebec. But the interesting thing about that, is it’s shown that it really doesn’t work.”

The blueprint has been sent to the Australian health Minister for 10) __________.

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