Commas in IELTS Writing

Punctuation is an area that can be easily overlooked by candidates who could be more concerned with producing correct sentences only in terms of verbs and tenses. What IELTS students need to remember is that punctuation forms part of your Grammar and Accuracy assessment, and neglecting this can cost you marks. In my experience teaching IELTS students and checking IELTS papers, I have come across different types of punctuation errors, but one that is most common is the misuse of the comma. In IELTS writing, candidates must be careful and avoid constructing one-sentence paragraphs punctuated with commas.

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There are a few problems with this:

So, it may be wise to keep some sentences brief and easy to read. To get a Band 6 and above, candidates must show that they can use a mix of simple and complex sentence forms.

If you find this a difficult area, here are some websites to help explain how and when to use commas:

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