5 Excellent Resources for Using Linkers in IELTS

In the IELTS test, it is important that candidates learn to distinguish the differences between linkers that are appropriate for speaking and those that are more suited to writing. Quite often, I hear students using in addition to that, moreover, and furthermore when they answer simple questions like What’s your favourite colour? This is possibly due to the fact that they have not been pointed out the differences between connectors that are often more natural for social chat (a main feature of IELTS Speaking Part 1) and the ones that are more appropriate for formal writing.


Chain Linkage
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This link ha s a list of connectives for writing with some that are also good for speaking. Can you tell which ones are best avoided for speaking?
Linkers and connectors – English Subject Area

This comes with exercises and a downloadable list:
Linkers, Conjunctions, Connectors – List and Worksheets

These slides contain a list of linkers and example sentences that you could perhaps use:
Connectors and linkers

Here is a downloadable list with explanations and examples:
Transitions (Linkers)

This site contains a list with links that lead to explanations:
Academic Writing in English (AWE)

I hope you will find them helpful.

Until next time!

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