6 Recommended Sites to Practise Non-Prominent Words in IELTS Speaking

Quite often, learners are taught to pay attention to prominent words that are usually stressed in a sentence to help understand the importance of content words. However, when teaching students pronunciation, I have discovered that learners have not been given much focus on the significance of unstressed words within sentences. Consequently, when speaking, they tend to stress pretty much on every single word!

Speaking Celestially
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Here are some websites that may help you with this:

  1. Sentence Stress Rules
  2. Stressed and unstressed words when Speaking English | English Speaking
  3. word stress
  4. American English Pronunciation Lesson: Unstressed Words
  5. American English Pronunciation Lesson: Personal Pronouns: Unstressed Function Words
  6. English unstressed words in a sentence

Hope you’ll find them helpful for self-practice.

Until next time!

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