Idioms in IELTS Speaking

In the IELTS Speaking assessment, part of doing well involves using interesting expressions. As stated in an IELTS Speaking public band descriptor, a candidate who is aiming to obtain a Band 7 in their interview should display “some less common and idiomatic vocabulary” as well as “some awareness of style and collocation”. Quite often, this […]

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Using linkers in IELTS

In the IELTS test, it is important that candidates learn to distinguish the differences between linkers that are appropriate for speaking and those that are more suited to writing. Quite often, I hear students using in addition to that, moreover, and furthermore when they answer simple questions like What’s your favourite colour? This is possibly […]

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IELTS Speaking – Don’t memorise answers!

IELTS candidates should remember  that part of doing well in an IELTS interview is making sure that they do not blurt out memorised answers to questions given by the examiner.  Some believe that they can get away with this but unfortunately, this usually backfires on them. Photo Credit: Samuel Mann via Compfight There are certain […]

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Non-prominent words in IELTS Speaking

Quite often, learners are taught to pay attention to prominent words that are usually stressed in a sentence to help understand the importance of content words. However, when teaching students pronunciation, I have discovered that learners have not been given much focus on the significance of unstressed words within sentences. Consequently, when speaking, they tend […]

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Understanding Muslim Culture

Having grown up in a traditional Muslim household in a secular society has been an interesting, if not colourful, experience for me and having a chance to share this experience with my students is always enjoyable. Today’s session on Understanding Muslim Culture with my student touched on the Dos and Dont’s when visiting a Muslim […]

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